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SABRE software

The SABRE Software is both an easy way to jump right into producing great sounds with your SABRE Multi Sensor as well as a way to compose your own highly complex sounds for your newest composition played with a SABRE Multi Sensor. There is no reason to be afraid of working with live electronics anymore. The easy-to-use SABRE Software will assist you during your creative process!


Creating your sounds


The Max-based SABRE Software consists of a very easy-to-understand, virtual 5-channel mixing board. For each of the channels, you can choose an input as sound sources. After you choose your input, you have another 5 effect slots per channel in which—just by clicking on the slot—you can load different effects, i.e. a delay, a pitch shifter or a ring modulator. By loading multiple effects into the different slots of one channel, you can mix the different effects. Of course, you are also free to change any parameters of each effect. You can write in a stable value, or a linear change—from a specific value to another one in a certain time—or let a special sensor type, i.e. the movement or air pressure of the performer through the SABRE sensor, decide how the parameters are changed. 

Organizing your sounds


When you have found the sound you are looking for, simply save it as a scene in the scene manager. There, you can move it around and add more sounds to fit your piece or performance. For example, you can switch from one scene to the next one with the SABRE remote while you are on stage. In the end, you just have to save the piece, and that’s it! 

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