SABRE Remote

Tired of using the foot pedal in addition to your instrument on stage? You can attach the SABRE Remote to your instrument close to the position of your fingers, using the device as you would additional keys on your instrument to trigger scenes and effects during a performance. With its infinitely adjustable round head, it fits any position on any instrument, not only on clarinets and saxophones. You won’t have to search for the pedal on the floor anymore because the SABRE Remote is right next to your hand.

The SABRE Remote is the perfect complement to your SABRE Multi sensor, but you’ll also be able to use the device alone because it will connect straight to your Mac or PC via Bluetooth – no extra devices needed. The data of the SABRE Remote functions in the same way as the data of the SABRE Multi Sensor; it is received with a UDP receive object in your Max patcher.


The SABRE Remote is powered by a standard CR2032 3V battery, and the very flat clip-on part is attached to your instrument with a removable, double-faced adhesive tape. You can easily remove and reattach the clip-on part of the SABRE Remote so that you can still fit your instrument into your standard case.