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The SABRE Multi Sensor is a must-have for the innovative contemporary clarinetist or saxophonist. It will help you realize your most powerful performances with live electronics, visuals or anything else you want to connect with the SABRE Multi Sensor. Multiply your performance possibilities, opportunities and skills with this very handy and easy-to-use device! 

Tired of using the foot pedal in addition to your instrument on stage? You can attach the SABRE remote to your instrument close to the position of your fingers, using the device as you would additional keys on your instrument to trigger scenes and effects during a performance. With its infinitely adjustable round head, it fits any position on any instrument, not only on clarinets and saxophones. You won’t have to search for the pedal on the floor anymore because the SABRE remote is right next to your hand.

The SABRE Software is both an easy way to jump right into producing great sounds with your SABRE Multi Sensor as well as a way to compose your own highly complex sounds for your newest composition played with a SABRE Multi Sensor. There is no reason to be afraid of working with live electronics anymore. The easy-to-use SABRE Software will assist you during your creative process!

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