The SABRE Multi Sensor is essential technology for the innovative musician. Realize your most powerful performances with live electronics and visuals, while maintaining your acoustic sound and freedom of movement on stage. Multiply your possibilities, opportunities and creativity with this very handy and easy-to-use technology!


How does it work?


The SABRE Multi Sensor has a variety of different sensors that analyze the movement of your instrument and the air pressure of your breath while playing a wind instrument. The SABRE Multi Sensor registers data and communicates it to your Mac or PC via Bluetooth, while the software transforms this data into electronic effects which interact with your acoustic sound. Two buttons on top of the sensor also trigger effects.


The SABRE Multi Sensor is powered by two standard AAA batteries, one CR2032 battery, and easily attaches with SABRE rubber bands to any kind of instrument. The SABRE Remote attaches to your instrument with an easily removable and damage-free adhesive strip. All batteries and accessories are included.


As an interface we recommend our own SABRE Software, but you are able to use the SABRE Multi Sensor with your own programs and Max patchers. Simply receive the OSC data with a UDP object in your Max patcher, and adapt the values however you need them in your patcher.

SABRE Multi Sensor