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Isaï Angst - Programmer and Software Development

Isaï has been part of the SABRE team since 2010, when the need for a supervisor to assist performers and composers working with the SABRE instrument with any request or question brought him to the team. At important SABRE events, he is the one normally seated next to the computer and mixer making sure the show runs smoothly without any difficulties.


Shortly after he started work in his position as supervisor, he realized the need to develop a program that would simplify the performance of several different pieces for the SABRE in one concert, with the goal of avoiding delays while loading the different patchers. That led him to create the SABRE-framepatch into which you can load all patchers with which you are performing prior the performance. All of the patchers will run in the background, and the “active” patcher can be exchanged very easily by simply clicking on it in a menu bar.


Isaï’s talent in programming was quickly recognized by the whole team, and he was asked to be part of an additional project leading up to the development of the SABRE software.

To facilitate the work between composers and instrumentalists with the SABRE, he developed an “improvisation” patcher. With this patcher, performers can explore different effects of the SABRE, and composers can also work with this patcher during their compositional process to find and create the sounds they are looking for. After a few initial versions of the “improvisation” patcher, and with the financial support of a CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation) grant, he started a position at the ICST Zürich with the main mission of developing the SABRE software.


The SABRE software allows data received from the hardware to be transformed into the actual sounding art. With its 5-channel interactive virtual mixing board, the SABRE software is far beyond the original idea of just having an effect machine.


Read on here about the SABRE software.

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