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SABRE provides an ideal connection between live performance and electronics. SABRE digital technology offers performers the possibility to interact spontaneously with electronics in performance, and to remain completely in control of electronics with the push of a button on stage. It can also be used for electronic music without acoustic instruments, as well as in other arts that can be controlled by electronics (video, light, dance) The tool can be used without special knowledge of programming, allowing composers to create with minimal time spent learning the software. SABRE pieces can be played by several musicians, each with their own SABRE.



SABRE consists of a sensor connected to the computer via bluetooth. The main sensor measures movements in all three dimensions (pitch, roll, yaw) and the air pressure in the mouth cavity of wind players. The remote consists of 2 buttons with which signals can be sent in real time. The SABRE software receives the data and process it directly. The sound produced can be either the instrumental sound or a soundfile, which can then be processed live using the sensors and built-in sound modules. The data can also be fed into other programs and used in combination with the SABRE software.



The idea of SABRE was born in 1995. In 2008 the first prototypes were begun in a research project supported by the Swiss National Fund by the Institute for Computermusic and Soundtechnology (ICST) of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). In the first phase, a bass clarinet was adapted with fixed sensors. In the second phase, an industrially ready product was developed, which is distributed by SABRE GmbH (since 2014). Since 2022, SABRE is entering a third phase. A new software, which is adaptable for different devices, was developed and larger multimedia projects are realized. SABRE was designed for clarinet and saxophone, but the sensor can also be easily adapted for use on other instruments.


In this third phase of SABRE developent the use in intermedia projects will be further expanded. Another focus for development will be pedagogy. For children, the mobile phone is a constant companion. SABRE  will soon be connected for use on mobile phones, and with this technology we plan to expand its pedagogical uses.



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